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A little about Dr. Russell Whetton

I was born and raised in Ogden. I left Utah when I joined the Army. I served for 44 years between active duty and reserve retiring as a Colonel from the US Army Medical Service Corps. During this time I also had a career as a Licensed Embalmer and Funeral Director for 30 years gaining extensive knowledge in anatomy and pathology.

In 1972 I returned to college at the age of 42 and graduated cum laude from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in Glendale, California in 1975. Here I gained extensive training and experience in musculoskeletal disorders and internal disorders. I also received my Doctor of Naturopathy education, as well as becoming credentialed in Chinese acupuncture (Fellow International Academy of Clinical Acupuncture).

I am passionate about helping people, striving for excellence through a compassionate, and personalized approach to health care, while providing a holistic approach to a treatment that focuses on delivering pain relief, finding and correcting the cause of the symptoms and controlling the sources of pain and discomfort through chiropractic care and superior patient treatment, education and satisfaction in addition to acupuncture, spinal rehab and much more.

I am excited about using my chiropractic education and past experience in order to best serve the people of Ogden and the surrounding areas.

Happy Patients

Just a few of the many thanks we have received:

Dear Dr Whetton:
I am deeply grateful for your expert healing. It is rare to find such a devoted health care professional. My sincere thanks for your outstanding care, may I wish you many blessings and continued success in the future. Sincerely, Jan D. RN Walt Disney Productions

Dear Dr Whetton:
Consider this a note of appreciation and commendation for putting me back together again. In one adjustment, after suffering with a bad back for over 10 years and going through at least two osteopathic surgeons, their hot packs, rub downs and stretching machine, laying on a mattress on the floor, and stuffing myself with Robaxin, Emporin and Codeine. And while going to these medical doctors I was advised to stay home from work and rest. I couldn't even drive the 50 miles (one way) to my fishin' hole. If I did it took me much time to straighten up after sitting for an hour's drive, my back was so stiff. I didn't dare jump around on my huge boulders when I fished fearing my back would "give out". And my back would be "stiff after seeing the doctor!"
In addition to the above I couldn't bowl, I just sat on the sidelines watching my league team win or lose with my bowling ball beside to keep me company and a pocket full of pain pills just in case I hurt more than I did. Then one luck Friday, I took my head out of the sand and went to see you. After x-rays you pointed out my problems, one of which was that devil "5th lumbar". I sure entered your office in pain, but after the adjustment I walked out of your office standing straight not bent over, and with no pain.
Now that evening I bowled with my league which I hadn't done in weeks and I did not take any medication. That must have been a year or more ago. You have certainly put this old body back in shape and needless to say I appreciate this fact very much. Since seeing you regularly for adjustments I have never felt so good! For the curious I am 66. Just keep your office open! Sincerely, Russell H.S., Glendale, CA

Dear Dr Whetton:
For several years I had noticed a slow degeneration of my muscular ability, particularly in my legs, and assorted pains, strains, and aches in my lower back. When friends began asking me "why are you limping? Did you hurt yourself?" I had no logical explanation except to mumble something about an "old sprain" or "just old age" (I am 56).
I began to wonder if I should see an orthopedist or a chiropractor. One of my co-workers, whose judgment I respect, suggested that I see a chiropractor who had helped him and his wife. I must admit that the thought of a strong-armed doctor bending and twisting my spine was not very comforting, but I decided to subdue my fears and give him a trial.
I have been receiving chiropractic adjustments from Dr. Whetton since December 12, 1977. Prior to that time I had also been bothered with neck stiffness and inability to relax the muscles in my lower back. After driving into Hollywood each morning from the San Fernando Valley, I was unable to straighten up and walk in a normal fashion for several minutes after getting out of the car.
My chief complaint, however, was the inability to walk without dragging the toe of my right foot. If I attempted to walk fast, my leg movements became jerky and uncoordinated. I also had numbness in the thumb and forefinger and weakness in the grip of my right hand.
I am happy to say that at this time the spasticity has disappeared from my legs and my back feels free and relaxed for the first time in several years. The strength has returned to my right hand. I attribute my present improved condition entirely to the expertise of Dr Whetton and a mild exercise and conditioning program. A.C.B., Chatsworth, CA

Dear Dr Whetton,
I came to Dr. Whetton for help as a last resort. I was in extreme pain and had endured it for 10 years. When I lay down at night the pain seemed even worse. My nerves were very bad. I could not sleep much of the time and had to resort to sleeping pills or valium so I could get occasional good nights sleep.
Dr. Whetton has helped me a lot. I go for treatments every other week now and feel great. I have no pain at night most of the time. I am so very grateful. Sincerely, D. Frost

Dear Dr Whetton,
After about a month or so being treated by my MD for a very bad back ailment a friend and my family convinced me to see a chiropractor. I had been in a wheel chair for a month or more. So when I went to Dr Whetton I couldn't walk and couldn't even get out of the wheel chair by myself. I thought I was paralyzed. But Dr Whetton assured me I was not, that I would walk again. And after a few treatments from Dr Whetton I could pull myself and hold to the chair and walk a few steps. And with a few more treatments I was walking with a walker. In about a month I was walking. Now I am doing great. Yes I certainly would recommend a chiropractor to any in my condition. Sincerely yours, B. Cottle

Dear Dr Whetton,
This letter is long overdue and I apologize for not taking the time to write it sooner. I would like to thank you for all you have done for my family and me. We have been under your supervision and care for the past nine years. Wow, has it really been that long!
Whenever I have a problem, you are the first one that I call, and you always steer me in the right directions. I can remember several years ago when my daughter, Carlene, had been hit very hard with a baseball in the abdomen. I was scared to death! I called you and asked if I should take her to the doctors, you asked where she was hit and told me to measure the distance from the spot to the navel. When I told you told me what it was, you told me to get her to the hospital emergency immediately. You said that it could have injured the aorta to the heart. So I did! They examined her and the first thing that they did was check for damage to the aorta. I realized at that time that a chiropractor has a lot more medical knowledge than they are given credit for.
Another time, when you were examining me, you found a weakness that I have. You told me that I was having problems with the esophagus. That surprised me because I had not told you that I had just finished a series of tests at the hospital, which said that I have an ulcer of the esophagus.
There have been many other serious problems that our family has gone to you for and we have always come out feeling great. It is a blessing to know that when a person walks into your office that they are going to get the best of care, both from the office staff and the doctor. Sincerely, Barbara M.

Hi, Doctor,
Thanks for taking good care of us. We hope everything is going well for you. Tom&Barb

Dr Whetton:
I have never known anyone as kind and compassionate as you are. I want to thank you for being "my friend" as well as my Doctor. Dollie F.

To: Dr Whetton,
I would just like to say a few words about a very special person, Dr G Russell Whetton, chiropractor, has been, not only a very wonderful doctor, but also a super friend. I am a world champion baton twirler, and I need to be in the best shape as possible. I have a lot of back and neck problems. It was affecting my twirling a great deal, so I went in to see Dr. Whetton.
After a week of testing, x-rays, explanations, and friendly smiles, Dr Whetton said he could help me. My pain didn't go away that very day, and he explained why. After a series of treatments, adjustments, and still more friendly smiles my headaches disappeared. I actually felt better, and he didn't need to give me drugs, shots or put me in the hospital to make the pain go away.
With all of Dr Whetton's help my twirling improved immensely and I took 3rd place in the world championships. When I walked into the doctor's office with my trophies, I received the warmest congratulations ever. Well thank you doctor Whetton for helping me and being the best friend in the world. Sincerely yours, Caroline P.

Dr Whetton,
A short time back I was involved in an auto accident. Fortunately there were no serious injuries but I was left with what I was sure was the grand-daddy of all back-aches. Now, to begin with, back pains of any kind have always been a thorn in the side of the medical profession. It is purely a subjective problem. You can't see it, you can't feel it, and unless you yourself have had it you can't appreciate the pain. As a result there is no specific treatment for it. I went through the usual attempts. First there were the analgesics and the muscle-relaxants which affect the whole body and leave you in a stupor where you can't function at all. Then there were the heat and diathermy treatments which provided relief for as long as the treatment lasted but weren't worth the effort involved in dragging your aching body to and from the doctor's office. I was exasperated and desperate. Then I was encouraged to visit a chiropractor. Now I've spent all my life in and around the medical profession and the mere mention of the word chiropractor has always been a joke, but like I said I was desperate. So off I went to see Dr Whetton. This man was not at all what I had pictured a quack to look like. He was very kind and gentle, explaining everything he would be doing and what I could expect. And so the treatment began-he probed and pressed and manipulated and though I'm still not sure how or why, when I left the "bone-crackers" office I felt 100% better. As I said earlier back-pain is strictly a subjective thing but then so is relief, and that's what I had that nothing else had given me. I'm not saying that chiropractors are the answer to everybody's problem, but Dr Whetton and the relief he was able to give me have certainly changed my outlook on their profession. Laugh if you will at "bone-crackers" but when you too get that grand-daddy of all back-aches, give them a try and see if that laugh doesn't turn into a smile of genuine relief. I'm glad I did. Christel B.

Dear Dr Whetton:
Just a note of appreciation for all that you've done for me. I feel compelled to express my gratitude because of the benefits I've received from chiropractic treatment.
When I came to your office eight months ago in great discomfort, my problem was immediately given the best of care and attention. The way I felt then and the way I feel now are due entirely to your treatments, of that I'm positive. I feel great all the time...it's a wonderful way to feel.
Your kind and considerate attitude and the professionalism you display are impressive. God Bless You. Sincerely yours, Gail C.

Dr Whetton,
For the past few years I have suffered from occasional dizziness and frequent loss of equilibrium. As explained by a chiropractor, these symptoms could be due to an auto accident in 1971 in which I had mild whiplash resulting in nerve damage in the neck areas.
Before seeing a chiropractor I had seen my general practitioner but received no help or reasons for the dizziness, only to see him again if it got worse.
Since receiving help from a chiropractor 2-1/2 months ago and with treatments to the neck and spine I no longer have loss of equilibrium and the dizzy spells have stopped. Joanna N.

Dr Whetton,
Words couldn't express how thankful we are in helping me get well. In my total frustrated moments you both supported me and always made me feel like going on. We love you both so very much and know the Lord will bless you for your efforts. Lovingly, Ronna & Stu

Dr Whetton,
Floyd and I would like to thank you for helping Floyd like you did. He had about given up and didn't know where to turn until he heard of you. He has a different outlook on life now. He had hurt for so many years and didn't think anyone could help him. So Thanks again. Mr & Mrs Floyd G.

Dr Whetton,
Thanks for being our friend as well as our doctor. Love, Glory & Sharon

Dear Dr Whetton,
Hi, Miss all of you. I shall always have a warm spot in my heart for all of you. I feel much better thanks to Dr Whetton. Even my daughter Kathleen said I looked much better, so it's beginning to show to others. Wishing the very best for all of you. Sincerely, Helen F.

Dear Dr Whetton,
I am so thankful for the help you've given my husband. It was truly amazing to watch your method of seeking problems in your patients. I want to say while in the exam room with you and my husband I felt a very spiritual feeling like I get while in the Temple or some other spiritual place. I feel the work you do is good. Thank you very much, Bonnie S.

Dear Dr Whetton:
Yule tidings Doc. Before going to your office, I previously obtained my family Doctor, as well as a specialist for my vascular condition. Their diagnostic emphasis and medication did not seem to help my situation. As you no doubt remember, I had this extreme dizziness along with the nausea. It was very difficult for me to walk and I had problems in eating and keeping my food down. This had been going on for several months.
After going to you for x-rays, tests, and treatments, I finally began to feel more like my old self. This was truly a blessing. Naturally this was not an over-night treatment, as it took time and patience, and the main thing was to follow through on your orders to accomplish the fullest achievement in regards to improving my health problems.
You are top priority on my Doctor's list, and I have recommended you t o many friends, in case some occasion could arise that they could use your services.
You and your staff and family speak for themselves, as your office is truly a family affair, and we the patients are not treated like cattle, like some other offices that I have been to. I do believe the warmth and friendliness in your office helps us cope with our problems until you have cured us of our illnesses, aches, and pains.
I have spoken of you to my Family Physician, in case something should arise which requires an excellent Chiropractor. He seems very interested in your services, not only for himself but for some of his patients. As a matter of fact he requested your name after I had advised him of what you had done for me, of which he was grateful, just as I am.
I am proud to know a Doctor such as yourself, Dr Whetton, and it gives me great pleasure to shake your hand. A devoted and cured patient. Mrs. Ada B.

Dear Dr Whetton and Helyn:
Thank you for your generous ways and great skills! We appreciate you! Love, Steve, Judy P. & family

Dr Whetton, (The flying doctor)
After seeing a Medical Doctor regarding a chronic neck ailment to no avail, I very reluctantly from the advice of others went to see a Chiropractor.
The hesitation on my part was due to the lack of information concerning Chiropractors. After the treatment prescribed by Dr Whetton I wasn't sure until recently what he said was true. It has taken time and while I am still under treatment I can now do things I haven't been able to do for years without a lot of discomfort. Thank you, John M. F. Sr

Dear Dr Whetton,
Please accept my heartfelt thanks for all the ways you have helped by physical condition and hope for the future.
When I first came to you, I was in despair, looking toward a pain-filled life. MDs I had gone to gave me no help, no relief, no hope, and the additional burden of a dependence on cortisone for a resulting complication from my disc problem, colitis. This insidious medication was my only "hope" for improvement and yet it was such a constant worry because I know its side effects are worse than the disease.
Your treatments and herbal, vitamin, and mineral supplements have not only ended the colitis effects but enabled me to feel more alive and alert than I have for years. I now look forward to years of getting younger and younger as I can do things I never thought I would do again. Thanks for the hope! Sincerely and love, Nancy V.

Dear Dr Whetton,
I received your most generous gift on Saturday 3/15/08 Sincerely Thank You.
I've already noticed a remarkable improvement in my overall well being since Thursday, 2 days into following your instructions. Thank you.
I feel it safe to say, we ALL here in Yucca Valley greatly appreciate your expertise, insight, and tender compassion, and look forward to your return. Until then may Gods watchful eye be upon you and your household. In Christ's Love, Maureen T.

Dear Dr Whetton,
This letter is long over-due...but we just wanted to thank you for the kindness and generosity you have shown our family. Not only do we value your knowledge, opinions, and the talents you have to help our bodies heal, but we really appreciate your generosity in allowing our family to be treated a special family price. We do not at all expect this kind service, and would still be appreciative of all you do should you decide to start charging us full price. But we do want to humbly thank you again for your generosity.
We hope all is going well for you and your family. And we hope you "live long and prosper!" God bless you. Love, Bill and Becky B & family